Monday, March 7, 2011

Busy March

Next Monday, sisters Janice, Louise, Juliet and I, plus nieces, Ann-Marie and Candice will be traveling to southern Illinois. We will be meeting sister, Laurie and nieces, Charity and Colleen. Laurie has six daughters, but they are not able to be present as well as my daughter. We are renting a house for $50 for two nights each person. It has all the amenities of a luxury hotel. We will bring food to cook and make for ourselves. We'll surely play board/card games in the evening. Part of Monday and all of Tuesday we'll probably look for antique and thrift shop plus any other types of boutique/candy/ice crean shops. In August of 2009 there were 8-10 of us that went to Door County and had a blast.

Then when I get back, I will have to finish up tiny aprons for small dish detergent bottles. They will be for party favor at the church's Mother and Daughter Brunch on April 16th. I was busy this morning getting 8-9 done and 12 others cut out. Also made a cute valance (tulips) and hung it up above my kitchen sink (I know, it doesn't match my strawberry decor, but so what?) I always got 4 or 5 cross stitch projects going on at the same time. I actually thought I could get one done in one day, but it's been a week and I do a little every day. It's the finishing that never gets done soon enough. I want to get back into making some quilts - all different sizes. I even have materials match up for each individual quilt - americana, christmas, and flowers/pastels.

Guess I won't get my nap in today unless I leave now. I will have to grocery shop for supper for Beth's famly - egg noddles, chicken and brocolli - alfredo. I can't wait. I better get home and take that nap at least for an hour. (3/9) Got my hour nap in then took some laundry to Beth's before going shopping adding garlic bread sticks to my list, but no desert. I messed up making an old fashioned bib apron yesterday and will have to redo it. Finished more tiny aprons today. Just picked up my clean laundry today (home all day yesterday and forgot.)

I'll be playing the "real" piano tonight and at both services on Sunday - prefer it much more that the clavinova (or even my own electric keyboard.) Beth and I are practicing to sing a duet, "God is Love" and she actually likes it (for an old-old song from "Favorites.") Well, next time I'll start a brand new post after our outing to southern Illinois.

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