Wednesday, May 11, 2011

April showers bring May flowers

May 11, 2011, Two grandsons: Matthew, Jr. turned 22 years old on the May 9th, Jacob Paul was 10 on the 10th. My sister, Juliet Ann (Rehfeldt, Trotter) Heilman's birthday is today. She's just a year and 5 months younger than I am. This is a roller coaster month as far as weather is concerned - we had frost on the 2nd and yesterday and today (10th, 11th) it's in the 80's with rain on the way which will probably bring cooler weather. I'm not an air condition person, but have fans in windows to bring in cooler air overnight. If I get too hot, at least I can relax in front of a fan - being retired and all. I have a point where I get too hot that I can't think straight or concentrate on something at hand.
Jessica in CT says her lilacs are blooming, but I only saw some white ones starting to bloom. I pass by several yards that have all sorts of spring flowers and the forcithias have been blooming for a month it seems. The azalias and magnolias are in full bloom along with other flowering trees. I would love to see my lilacs bushes I had in CT. I was surprised to see miniture daffodils in Sis Juliet's yard, but I have seen grape hyacinth. Living in an apartment, I don't have a garden, but my mum plant from last fall regenerated and coming along fine in a pot by my garage door. Plan to place another pot on other side (after asking Sis Louise for one of hers.) My Mother's Day plant is hanging on a hook by the side door of my apartment building. There is also a patio in back with different flowers to enjoy.
I've been on the computer for an hour and 45 minutes, so better get going. So many things going on and graduation open houses for a niece and nephew. I have two great grandkids to make quits for - boy this month and girl in August.
For everything there is a season (I might add "a reason" as well.)

Saturday, March 19, 2011

Busy March (continued)

I love traveling in a car. Janice drove Juliet's car down to Tuscola and Tammy drove it back home. Janice went back with her daughter-in-law, Linda, to Michigan. We all arrived at the Amish "barn" flea market around 12:30-1:00 pm on Monday (3/14/11) and ate lunch at the buffet offered there. There was a large outlet mall right there also and everyone went their own ways. Two other nieces and 2 small great nieces arrived for supper at our accommodations. Tammy with Venita's help made personal size pizzas - mine was delicious. We got settled in for the night and played a game, then watched a video. Louise and Megan had gotten a nap in, so were not ready to sleep when the rest of us were - gabbing until ? ? ? Then those downstairs did get sleep and were up early. What's a person got to do? (to be cont.)

Monday, March 7, 2011

Busy March

Next Monday, sisters Janice, Louise, Juliet and I, plus nieces, Ann-Marie and Candice will be traveling to southern Illinois. We will be meeting sister, Laurie and nieces, Charity and Colleen. Laurie has six daughters, but they are not able to be present as well as my daughter. We are renting a house for $50 for two nights each person. It has all the amenities of a luxury hotel. We will bring food to cook and make for ourselves. We'll surely play board/card games in the evening. Part of Monday and all of Tuesday we'll probably look for antique and thrift shop plus any other types of boutique/candy/ice crean shops. In August of 2009 there were 8-10 of us that went to Door County and had a blast.

Then when I get back, I will have to finish up tiny aprons for small dish detergent bottles. They will be for party favor at the church's Mother and Daughter Brunch on April 16th. I was busy this morning getting 8-9 done and 12 others cut out. Also made a cute valance (tulips) and hung it up above my kitchen sink (I know, it doesn't match my strawberry decor, but so what?) I always got 4 or 5 cross stitch projects going on at the same time. I actually thought I could get one done in one day, but it's been a week and I do a little every day. It's the finishing that never gets done soon enough. I want to get back into making some quilts - all different sizes. I even have materials match up for each individual quilt - americana, christmas, and flowers/pastels.

Guess I won't get my nap in today unless I leave now. I will have to grocery shop for supper for Beth's famly - egg noddles, chicken and brocolli - alfredo. I can't wait. I better get home and take that nap at least for an hour. (3/9) Got my hour nap in then took some laundry to Beth's before going shopping adding garlic bread sticks to my list, but no desert. I messed up making an old fashioned bib apron yesterday and will have to redo it. Finished more tiny aprons today. Just picked up my clean laundry today (home all day yesterday and forgot.)

I'll be playing the "real" piano tonight and at both services on Sunday - prefer it much more that the clavinova (or even my own electric keyboard.) Beth and I are practicing to sing a duet, "God is Love" and she actually likes it (for an old-old song from "Favorites.") Well, next time I'll start a brand new post after our outing to southern Illinois.

Monday, February 7, 2011

Winter Blues/Cabin Fever

We will be going into a deep freeze again starting Wednesday (2/9). I don't want another high electric bill so I'll try to manage with the heat down. I'll cover my windows and keep the bedroom doors closed. I'm also considering closing off the hallway (only one heater in living room by the windows to heat living, dining, hallway and kitchen. I keep the bathroom warm and door closed.

I was a little taken back on Sunday when I walked out of the building and saw an inch or two of snow (hadn't given it any thought and didn't wear my snow shoes.) Managing over to my garage I was able to drive (carefully) to church. A lot of us were slightly late (I had choir practice) and everything ran late all morning. We had one service in the morning, then "Souper bowl (and sandwich) Sunday and then an early afternoon service. All went well and I always enjoy the fellowship during dinners. My daughter's husband, Brad Molander, is assistant pastor and they have three boys and one daughter. Other relatives at church include my niece Tammy, her husband, Rick and one girl and two boys. There's been ocassions when a sister or brother attend our services.

So most of the guys were happy to see the Green Bay Packers win the Super Bowl. They were a favorite of my husband (he's from Janesville, WI) and I bet he was cheering from heaven. He was a sports' fanatic, but I never got into it. I did enjoy a few baseball and hockey games he took me to in the late 1960's. Anyway, I had all the Molanders at my apartment and we had pizza and cookies and drinks. Beth worked on a gigzaw puzzle and the kids and I played Uno, Sequence and War - we had to end each one early because we got into arguments.

Now I have to go back to last week. I was "stuck in my place for three whole days. Monday I babysat Mikayla (T&A attack). Tuesday the snow started up and stuck around into Wednesday and as you may have heard we had over a foot, I believe (not to mention the blizzard conditions.) So on Thursday I "had" to get outside and Isaac decided to go with me (he had a Game Stop gift card.) After doing a few errands we were leaving Walmart & headed toward Wendy's. I thought to myself "Where's my purse?" I quickly turned around and went back, but the cart had already been moved. After checking with everyone inside and no purse, we drove around the parking lot a few times to check some more. After Game Stop we went back to checked again and asked again - nothing! (The police were also called and canceled.) Beth insisted I needed to call the bank right away and I did (wished I hadn't.) Beth arrives at Walmart and takes Isaac with her and I go to the bank to set up new accounts. I'm having forms filled out and I get a call from the very same bank telling me that a woman found my purse and (get this) took it home with her. I got her name and cell number and called. She insisted on bringing it back to me (from rural Roscoe.) I had to tell Beth to come by the bank to sign her name on my joint account. Then Deb arrives with my purse and I couldn't help myself and gave her a big hug (to a total stranger-mind you.) I thanked her profusely and she left. Back in the bank I got all the forms signed and then Beth arrived when we're about done. WHAT A DAY - Should I have never gone out?? God works in mysterious way "His wonders to perform."


Thursday, January 20, 2011

January 2011

How do I keep so busy? Slowly, I'm getting Christmas packed away, but keeping some poinsettas out until end of January and the snowmen until end of February. I will then look forward to Spring and revamping my decor a little. But to look back and think of all the wondrous programs and parties I've attended over the holidays, I didn't so much as get any "let down" feelings. I did let most everyone know that I did not want to be alone on New Years Eve (which is my birthday) so Juliet had me over for steak and then to Beth for snacks, cartoon movie with the kids and a game of Skip-bo. I think it helped when we had an adult church "Christmas" party on January 8th and then expectant of a birthday celebration by the Sisters.

Staying busy going to 2 grandsons basketball games plus all the busyness at church and with family. Thinking about making chocolate chip/walnut cookies today. Beth may be over and watch a movie - she has the blahs. I will be going out later with Sis Juliet and her daughter, Ann-Marie. We're going to see the movie "The King's Speech." Of course I do like Colin Firth (especially in "Pride and Prejudice - 1993 version). I don't normally make it a habit to attend the movie theater, but there are exceptions. I remember when the "Sound of Music came out in 1966 and I had to go see it (all by my self-independant, I am.) I had just graduated from Moody Bible Institute.