Thursday, September 24, 2009


Last night I laid my head on my pillow around 11:30 pm. As usual, thoughts were whirling around in my mind. Finally I'm relaxing and ready to doze of and a "PING" on our roof gets my mind whirling again.
Just the other day I was contemplating about all the acorns dropping in the yard and spiking off the roof. Now I could not remember the yard being so full of acorns last year. Do oak trees have barren seasons? - I don't think so! - DUH - I wasn't even in Connecticut last year - DUH - again. I was in Wisconsin last August and September with the Molanders and in Florida in October with the Pauls until the auto accident. Then I went back to Wisconsin and didn't get home until December 4th.
Back to acorns. This particular oak tree is close to the right back corner of our raised ranch. It has been trimmed a few times to keep branches from brushing the roof and corner of the house. But still we have the hundreds and hundreds of ACORNS in the yard that will have to be raked up. A neighbor volunteered to rake leaves so maybe he'll rake the acorns, too. We do have squirrels that bury the acorns for their winter food supply. (How do they remember where they burried them???)
Where am I going with this? I ask myself. There's always advantages and disadvantages to every situation. From a little acorn we get giant oak trees and I even encouraged one on the center edge of our back yard causing it to branch out instead of one single trunk. I also trimmed the top while it was still small causing a better shaped tree. We even have a forest of oaks behind our property getting thicker every year. I'm trying to turn this into a Biblical principle - that of digging for God's promises and putting our faith in Him to bring us through life's good times and bad times. I dare say, there must be hundreds of verses to help us - all we need to do is DIG FOR THEM.