Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Christmas Memories

I just read Beth's blog "Anne with an E" and, of course, she made me cry which I find myself doing a lot today. Can I go backwards? I'm at Juliet and Gary's in Rockton, IL and sister, Linda, is staying here having come from Strasbourg, France for brother, David's funeral. As some of you know, I lost my husband, Jim Ashmore, on December 10th and we will have a memorial service at Berean Baptist in Beloit, WI. I came back to the area with Beth and her family yesterday after driving from Naugatuck, CT. Jim's body was buried in Janesville, WI on December 17th and Brad and Beth went for that and call me right after it was done. (Linda and I went out to see our mother for a hour or so and made a few errands along the way - got back at 3pm.) This has been a crying day for me - emotional about every little thing. Must continue on. On Christmas night my son Mark and family joined Beth, Deb, Luke and families at my house and Mark started a fire in the back yard which turned into a bomb fire with junk from the basement and was still moldering on Saturday. We had great food for the afternoon meal, but no one ate my sweet potatoes (boo hoo.) We were so-o busy that whole week - Christmas shopping, cookie baking with the kids, stockings to fill, presents to wrap. Lots of memories and since my mind is so overwhelmed I no longer can write at present but will get back when the fog lifts.

Tuesday, December 15, 2009

I was checking my blog today and loved all the wonderful comments. There was one that really caught my eye from "Robert" of Canada who just happened to pick up on the phrase of a song I quoted (which one???) But I don't know how to respond to him (yet). Wordwise Hymns didn't come up???
With Jim going to be with His Savior and Lord in heaven on December 10, 2009, the family has really bonded - sort of. The girls will travel back by car from WI and FL with their families on the 21st. I hope to contact the Red Cross and find out why we can't get grandson here also from his station at FT. Richardson, AK and his wife and son, Amanda and Matthew III. We have not seen him since he went to boot camp.
It was quite rough during Jim's last days putting him in diapers the day the girls arrived which was a great help. All five children were home at his passing and what a great blessing to see them doing some bonding. The memorial was hampered a bit due to weather but went well.
Time up on this library computer. Continue to pray for me as well as Venita.