Wednesday, May 11, 2011

April showers bring May flowers

May 11, 2011, Two grandsons: Matthew, Jr. turned 22 years old on the May 9th, Jacob Paul was 10 on the 10th. My sister, Juliet Ann (Rehfeldt, Trotter) Heilman's birthday is today. She's just a year and 5 months younger than I am. This is a roller coaster month as far as weather is concerned - we had frost on the 2nd and yesterday and today (10th, 11th) it's in the 80's with rain on the way which will probably bring cooler weather. I'm not an air condition person, but have fans in windows to bring in cooler air overnight. If I get too hot, at least I can relax in front of a fan - being retired and all. I have a point where I get too hot that I can't think straight or concentrate on something at hand.
Jessica in CT says her lilacs are blooming, but I only saw some white ones starting to bloom. I pass by several yards that have all sorts of spring flowers and the forcithias have been blooming for a month it seems. The azalias and magnolias are in full bloom along with other flowering trees. I would love to see my lilacs bushes I had in CT. I was surprised to see miniture daffodils in Sis Juliet's yard, but I have seen grape hyacinth. Living in an apartment, I don't have a garden, but my mum plant from last fall regenerated and coming along fine in a pot by my garage door. Plan to place another pot on other side (after asking Sis Louise for one of hers.) My Mother's Day plant is hanging on a hook by the side door of my apartment building. There is also a patio in back with different flowers to enjoy.
I've been on the computer for an hour and 45 minutes, so better get going. So many things going on and graduation open houses for a niece and nephew. I have two great grandkids to make quits for - boy this month and girl in August.
For everything there is a season (I might add "a reason" as well.)