Saturday, January 16, 2010

The Lord is my LIGHT and my SALVATION

Where to start? I truly need someone to sit beside me and guide me in this feeling of emptiness and loss. I manage to pay the bills as soon as I receive them and sometimes even pay down the debt. The realtor has the paperwork in hand and will be taking pictures of the house - inside and out on Sunday. Because of a rebate for the buyers, he believes I could see the house sold by the end of April - if not maybe Mark could handle the final stage and I can "move on."
Maybe if I make some lists of things to do to clear the house of all the clutter and pack things I want to take, but do not need at this time. Also the "Big Brother/Big Sister" are making curbside pickups this Tuesday and it doesn't bother me to donate items versus making some kind of profit. One thing I'll do is place items in the basement I don't want to keep or vice versus?? I do have some things I consider "antiques" - who knows? Mark says I should go ahead and take a china closet with me, but I feel sorry for the guys who will have to carry it up one flight of stairs (if I get the apartment I would like.) I'm having second thoughts about my bedroom set (except the queen size bed/mattress/springs which I do not want.) Five minutes left - must hurry. I am sleeping well and if I get 7-8 hours I don't need a nap. I eat well usually 3 meals a day - even made date bread Friday but a little overcooked and dry. Looking forward to church tomorrow - it was a small crowd on Wednesday night. We are having special speakers since Pastor Shott and Sonie went to Hawaii to see their daughter whose husband is stationed at Pearl Harbor (Navy and to see their only grandchild, Chase.)