Thursday, January 20, 2011

January 2011

How do I keep so busy? Slowly, I'm getting Christmas packed away, but keeping some poinsettas out until end of January and the snowmen until end of February. I will then look forward to Spring and revamping my decor a little. But to look back and think of all the wondrous programs and parties I've attended over the holidays, I didn't so much as get any "let down" feelings. I did let most everyone know that I did not want to be alone on New Years Eve (which is my birthday) so Juliet had me over for steak and then to Beth for snacks, cartoon movie with the kids and a game of Skip-bo. I think it helped when we had an adult church "Christmas" party on January 8th and then expectant of a birthday celebration by the Sisters.

Staying busy going to 2 grandsons basketball games plus all the busyness at church and with family. Thinking about making chocolate chip/walnut cookies today. Beth may be over and watch a movie - she has the blahs. I will be going out later with Sis Juliet and her daughter, Ann-Marie. We're going to see the movie "The King's Speech." Of course I do like Colin Firth (especially in "Pride and Prejudice - 1993 version). I don't normally make it a habit to attend the movie theater, but there are exceptions. I remember when the "Sound of Music came out in 1966 and I had to go see it (all by my self-independant, I am.) I had just graduated from Moody Bible Institute.