Tuesday, August 17, 2010

23 minutes and counting

It's 12:27pm, Tuesday, August 17, 2010. I have a lot of comments on Facebook "FYI" basically. I not sure who appreciates it, but I get a good laugh now and then. Usually I'm just kidding around with the nieces, nephews, sisters, cousins and friends. I do get serious though and pretty conservative in my beliefs (which I'm proud of - sometimes I am wrong though.) I've always like to write and did a lot of letter writing in the early days before computers. Only this past year I have gotten into email, facebook and blogging (rare). Since I've moved from CT and my three sons, to Wisconsin, I had more contact with Mark, but Matt only writes ocassionally. Contact with Luke have become almost nil since he isn't computer literate and doesn't have minutes on his phone. I missed Jake, Emma, Luke Jr. (1st grade this year) Ava and Lauren (A.)
Great grandson, Aiden and his Mom, Ashley and (sig.) Nick (Castonquay) just moved into a new home (MA). Great grandson, Matt, III and his Dad, Matt Jr. and wife, Amanda (Shea) are in the army in Anchorage, AK (Ft. Richardson). In FL are Ian, Jacob, Lauren (P.), Sarah and Sophia (youngest grandchild). Here in WI is oldest grandchild (after Ash & Matt Jr) Isaac, Zachary, Austin and Mikayla. Total of 18. Time's up.