Monday, February 7, 2011

Winter Blues/Cabin Fever

We will be going into a deep freeze again starting Wednesday (2/9). I don't want another high electric bill so I'll try to manage with the heat down. I'll cover my windows and keep the bedroom doors closed. I'm also considering closing off the hallway (only one heater in living room by the windows to heat living, dining, hallway and kitchen. I keep the bathroom warm and door closed.

I was a little taken back on Sunday when I walked out of the building and saw an inch or two of snow (hadn't given it any thought and didn't wear my snow shoes.) Managing over to my garage I was able to drive (carefully) to church. A lot of us were slightly late (I had choir practice) and everything ran late all morning. We had one service in the morning, then "Souper bowl (and sandwich) Sunday and then an early afternoon service. All went well and I always enjoy the fellowship during dinners. My daughter's husband, Brad Molander, is assistant pastor and they have three boys and one daughter. Other relatives at church include my niece Tammy, her husband, Rick and one girl and two boys. There's been ocassions when a sister or brother attend our services.

So most of the guys were happy to see the Green Bay Packers win the Super Bowl. They were a favorite of my husband (he's from Janesville, WI) and I bet he was cheering from heaven. He was a sports' fanatic, but I never got into it. I did enjoy a few baseball and hockey games he took me to in the late 1960's. Anyway, I had all the Molanders at my apartment and we had pizza and cookies and drinks. Beth worked on a gigzaw puzzle and the kids and I played Uno, Sequence and War - we had to end each one early because we got into arguments.

Now I have to go back to last week. I was "stuck in my place for three whole days. Monday I babysat Mikayla (T&A attack). Tuesday the snow started up and stuck around into Wednesday and as you may have heard we had over a foot, I believe (not to mention the blizzard conditions.) So on Thursday I "had" to get outside and Isaac decided to go with me (he had a Game Stop gift card.) After doing a few errands we were leaving Walmart & headed toward Wendy's. I thought to myself "Where's my purse?" I quickly turned around and went back, but the cart had already been moved. After checking with everyone inside and no purse, we drove around the parking lot a few times to check some more. After Game Stop we went back to checked again and asked again - nothing! (The police were also called and canceled.) Beth insisted I needed to call the bank right away and I did (wished I hadn't.) Beth arrives at Walmart and takes Isaac with her and I go to the bank to set up new accounts. I'm having forms filled out and I get a call from the very same bank telling me that a woman found my purse and (get this) took it home with her. I got her name and cell number and called. She insisted on bringing it back to me (from rural Roscoe.) I had to tell Beth to come by the bank to sign her name on my joint account. Then Deb arrives with my purse and I couldn't help myself and gave her a big hug (to a total stranger-mind you.) I thanked her profusely and she left. Back in the bank I got all the forms signed and then Beth arrived when we're about done. WHAT A DAY - Should I have never gone out?? God works in mysterious way "His wonders to perform."