Saturday, March 19, 2011

Busy March (continued)

I love traveling in a car. Janice drove Juliet's car down to Tuscola and Tammy drove it back home. Janice went back with her daughter-in-law, Linda, to Michigan. We all arrived at the Amish "barn" flea market around 12:30-1:00 pm on Monday (3/14/11) and ate lunch at the buffet offered there. There was a large outlet mall right there also and everyone went their own ways. Two other nieces and 2 small great nieces arrived for supper at our accommodations. Tammy with Venita's help made personal size pizzas - mine was delicious. We got settled in for the night and played a game, then watched a video. Louise and Megan had gotten a nap in, so were not ready to sleep when the rest of us were - gabbing until ? ? ? Then those downstairs did get sleep and were up early. What's a person got to do? (to be cont.)

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