Friday, May 28, 2010

Florida bound

We arrived in Cantonment, FL on Monday night. Beth drove the whole distance - 18 hours from Beloit, WI. I might have felt fine driving, but I think she was trying to break some speeding record and I won't do much over 5 miles over the limit. A few incidents with the 4 kids ages 7 to 12, but Beth handle it quite well. Beth even drove off the highway onto a ramp that went around and around and that was only a half hour from our starting point. We racked it up to their excitement. At any rate it was a mistake to get off the highway so she just pulled over a few times when necessary.
Tuesday was a rest up day and the kids were in the above ground pool most of the time. With their one acre of property Ian has his own "digging expedition" and the others get into the act now and then. On Wednesday the Moms and 9 kids went to the Gulf beach in Pensacola area - came back with some of them sunburned including Deb. I stayed at the house, Brian slept and I made apple pie and we both got supper started.
Thursday was off to the "Caverns" near Mariana, FL which everyone enjoyed - Beth would have to hold my hand through, in case we had some slippery area and we had to do a lot of ducking. Sent out for pizza for supper.
I've made pancakes one morning; we tried old fashioned oats, but it didn't get eaten. Everyone loved the apple pie while I have to agree it was perfect, I did use boxed pie dough and had to use square cake pans.
Well we were to have a full body massage, but will cancel until next week, but we 3 women will go out to shop, eat and maybe a movie (which isn't my preference.)
While I'm here I attend a nice Baptist church a few minutes down the road in Alabama. The have Evangelist Jimmy Cook on Friday, Saturday and Sunday (with lunch and early pm service.) Each night at 9pm they'll go downtown to hand out literature and witness to those attending a Sodomy Convention.
It looks like we'll keep busy for another week and the time is passing slowly and I'm feeling good.

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