Thursday, October 15, 2009


What wouldn't I do to have a good time? After Saturday night, I'm beginning to wonder. The "good time" cost me $5 (seniors) and the show was "Thunder in the Valley" at Naugatuck High School's football field.
We have lived in Naugatuck, CT for 22 plus years. Since the last kid left home, even before that, I started watching for "free" (usually) concerts or activities. Most of them were on "the green" downtown during the summer months, but a few during the school year. There was even a piano series at the library, but now they are on Sunday or Wednesday night.
When I saw the signs for this "cheap" entertainment, I thought I would try to go. Let me explain that this was a high school marching band competition for 10-12 school bands in Connecticut. They were classified from one to five. Naugy High was class 3. The higher the class the bigger the band which was from Norwalk.
I enjoy band music very much and I couldn't believe the part that the zylophone played in the scheme of things. There were also dancing flags and twirling guns which was a distraction for me, because I was more interested in the playing and footwork of the band.
Now the "kicker" was that the temperature was in the forties and the bleechers were metal. I felt like an ice cube when I finally left after 3 hours which included 1 hour intermission (yikes!) I left after Naugy played. I thought I had dressed warm enough with sweater, velour jacket and 2 velour blankets for shoulders and legs, plus double skirts. I don't believe I moved once during those 3 hours but I was enthralled to listen to the bands. They had a military band "Windjammers" at the end, but I had heard them before and I left.


  1. Well from your description of how you dressed for this event, you must have looked like an Eskimo!:)

    The weather here has been too cold for October.

    I'm glad that you enjoyed this event!

  2. Wow! That sounds like so much fun. I like watching band competitions on TV, too! Brett and I took Sam to a "free" event today where got a free lunch - it pays to check those events out!